Ayíka Institute (Instituto Ayíka in portuguese)

The Ayíka Institute is an organization born from the desire to integrate youth to the climate change debate, standing upon pillars of interseccionality of ethnicity, territory and gender. Ayíka is the power of the collective for the common habitat through democratization and formulation of knowledge and social Technologies, alongside the people most affected by the climate emergency. Acting from climate education to engagement in public policy building, the Ayíka Institute has as a pillar of it’s work to built climate and environmental solutions, through the exchange of knowledge with a youth that sees the climate crisis but hasn’t been introduced to all the especific language surrounding it. Our goal is that everyone learn and built from this connection, especially because we understand that to this day the climate debate as it is, is still too limited to the global north. The mission of our organization is to propose an integration between the debate on climate change and marginalized groups of people, such as people from the peripheries, black and lgbtqia+ folk. We believe that climate and environmental solutions should adequate to and work with the people who suffer the most with them, not only because the debate surrounding climate emergency remains mostly reserverd to the global north, but because there is just too much knowledge that is disconsidered by not bringing marginalized groups of people to the solution building process.